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Chief Brabon

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Considered one of the world’s foremost Functional Transformation Coaches, Chief has dedicated more than 30 years to providing cutting-edge physical training programs to elite military & law enforcement personnel, professional athletes, high profile celebrities, and tens of thousands of everyday Aussies.

As a former Australian Infantry Soldier, and internationally ranked ultra-endurance runner, Chief knows a thing or two about discipline, determination, and sacrifice, and believes that with the right tools, and motivation, every single one of us is capable of achieving amazing things.

Due to his uncanny ability to always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in health & fitness, GQ Magazine named Chief as one of Australia’s Top 20 Gamechangers, and Men’s Health Magazine introduced him as their first ever Fitness Director.

As Chief closes in on his ‘Half Century’, he truly believes that his best years are yet to come, and hopes to inspire other Generation X’ers to live their best lives ever.

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