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Kate Leaver



Kate Leaver is an author, editor, and former professional fairy. She wrote the book Good Dog, about how dogs can change our lives, and The Friendship Cure, about how friendship can. She hosts the podcast Who’s a Good Dog, on which she asks famous people extremely specific questions about their dogs. She recently co-produced the Future Women podcast There’s No Place Like Home, about men’s violence in Australia.

While her beloved rescue dog, Bert, snores at her feet, Kate edits other people’s work – for example, legendary journalist Jane Gilmore’s book about consent education. She does media relations for the app Peanut, works slowly on a novel, and daydreams about Britney Spears asking her to ghost-write a memoir.  

Kate was once features editor at Cosmopolitan and senior editor at Mamamia. She worked on J.K. Rowling’s website, Pottermore, and has been published by British Vogue, Glamour, and The Guardian. She’s interviewed Nicole Kidman, Eddie Redmayne, Jess Mauboy, and the first female member of The Wiggles, Emma Watkins. 

Kate appears on telly and radio sometimes. Her proudest moments include when the Today Show called her dog “the world’s best boy” and when she screeched “Free Britney” at the end of a cross to MSNBC in America. 

Many moons ago, Kate went to Sydney University, where she edited Honi Soit and won a poetry competition judged by Les Murray with a three-course limerick about MasterChef. 

Kate is so, so delighted to be working with Hey Lemonade.